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Mind Zero, stylized MIND≒0,is a role-playing video game developed jointly by Acquire/ZeroDiv and published by GungHo Online Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. The game has been announced for a Spring 2014 release in Europe and North America by Aksys Games.

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Mind Zero, stylized MIND≒0, is a role-playing video game developed for the PlayStation Vita portable game console. The game was developed jointly by Acquire and ZeroDiv. The game was published by GungHo Online Entertainment in Japan and Aksys Games in North America and Europe. The premise of the game has drawn many parallels to the Persona series of role-playing games. The game features fully voiced character cutscenes similar to a visual novel. The battle system is turn-based and featured 3D graphics. Mind Zero takes place in two different worlds. A 'real' world that resembles a normal reality and a 'crazy spiritual world' Read More

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